Meet Our Radiance Healthcare Centre Team

Our naturopaths in Sydney CBD are passionate about helping their clients radiate with energy, vitality and health!  


Learn more about each of our team below.

Catherine Pritchard
Naturopath, Functional Medicine Practitioner
  • Bachelor of Science and Mathematics – Pure and  Applied Chemistry (Honours)

  • Bachelor of Health Science (Complementary Medicine)

  • Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy

  • Diploma of Nutrition

  • Member ATMS #13795

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Catherine is the founder of Radiance Healthcare Centre and is a highly experienced naturopath of 15 years.  She is a compassionate, kind and vibrant practitioner who loves to get to the root cause of your health and life concerns. 

Catherine specialises in 6 key areas including Fatigue, Depression/Anxiety, Weight loss, Fertility and guiding people through big life challenges such as lack of purpose in life, broken heart after a relationship breakdown and low self-esteem.

In addition to in depth testing for hormonal, adrenal, thyroid and nutrient imbalances, Catherine will teach you how to eat to maximise your energy, focus and performance in a day.  She uniquely combines her scientific background in Chemistry with specialised techniques to clear out mental and emotional baggage that can hold you back from having abundant energy, health and vitality in all areas of your life. 

You can expect to feel uplifted and inspired after your consultation with Catherine as she works together with you to formulate a program that works for you and your life.

Heidi Cummins
  • Bachelor Health Science - Naturopathy

  • Advanced Diploma Herbal Medicine

  • Bachelor Visual Communication

  • Member Australian Natural Therapists Association (A.N.T.A)

Heidi Cummins is a very experienced Naturopath who has been successfully treating a wide range of disorders for over 15 years.

Her main areas of expertise are digestive issues including food intolerances, malabsorption, leaky gut, IBS and GIT infections. She loves the investigative work involved in finding out what is causing our digestive problems.

She is also very passionate about helping people with anxiety, depression and insomnia. The high-powered world we live in now is detrimental to our well-being and Heidi will focus on ways to minimise the effect stress has on our health - helping us to keep doing what we have to do, but without the negative impact on our lives.

Heidi can test hormone levels such as Thyroid Hormones, Cortisol, Melatonin, Oestrogen, Progesterone and Testosterone and then help to bring them back into balance. This can help to improve energy levels, mood disorders, fertility, skin conditions, immunity and metabolism.

In a consult with Heidi you can expect a compassionate, informative and educational experience that will help you achieve your optimal health goals.

Jennifer Richardson
  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Osteopathy)

  • Bachelor of Human Movement Science (Exercise Science)

  • Masters of Osteopathy

Jennifer no longer practices at Radiance but is still in the city.  You can find her at:


Dymocks Building

Suite 8-16, Level 7

424-428 George St, Sydney

Ph: (02) 8974 1535