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Naturopathy in Sydney CBD

Your body has this amazing way of talking to you through the language of your symptoms. 


Everything from your fatigue, bloating, stress, depression and even your bowel movements are part of the language of your body telling you that you are out of balance and something needs to change!


Each of our wonderful Naturopaths has over 15 years experience in interpreting the language of your body.


We combine our assessment of your body's language of symptoms with comprehensive testing to create a targeted and specific solution of dietary, lifestyle and nutrient recommendations tailored uniquely to you.  

Three steps to Radiant Health


Our Naturopaths have pioneered a unique 3 step methodology that enables them to identify and treat the barriers to abundant energy and health.


























Your journey begins with your first consultation were we begin to uncover what is behind your body's unique language of symptoms.  We offer a selection of comprehensive testing to help us identify the primary causes behind your health concerns.  Your Naturopath may suggest food intolerance testing, parasite/bacterial testing, adrenal and/or hormonal testing depending on your unique circumstances.  We highly recommend gene testing for those who are after a truly personalised approach to their health


In this phase your naturopath will use individualised dietary, lifestyle and your supplements to address any imbalances that were identified in the "Uncover" phase.  Improving gut health and rebalancing good and bad bacteria is an important component of this step to ensure long term health and wellbeing.


As your body begins to come back into balance you will naturally begin to radiate with energy, vitality and health.  If you had genetic testing earlier we will empower you on what blood tests you should routinely monitor to ensure you are  know the blood tests that need to be followed up on

How do consultations work?

Your journey to better health begins by working with one of our qualified naturopath's who each have at least 15 years extensive hands on experience in guiding people back to optimal health and wellbeing.  

Your first or initial consultation will be for 45-60 minutes. To get the most out of your consultation please ensure that you fill in our online questionnaire prior to your consultation. 


Do I need to bring anything?

If you have had any blood tests, scans or functional testing in the last few years or reports confirming a diagnosis given by your medical practitioner then please bring these along to your consultation.   


What tests should I have done?

Your Naturopath will advise you on the best tests to determine the source of your imbalances.  What you think is the best test may not be the right one when you consider the whole symptom picture!


What about genetic testing?

If you are interested in genetic testing to look at your vulnerability and susceptibility regarding inflammation, oxidative stress, detoxification, methylation and hormonal imbalance then please book a consultation with Catherine Pritchard. 

Are you ready to improve your health?

If you're ready to improve your health, revitalise your energy and reclaim your mojo then book an initial consultation with one of our friendly naturopaths using our easy to use online system.