Natural Fertility

The decision to have a baby is an exciting time in your life but not everyone's journey to having a child is as straightforward as once thought.


When it comes to fertility, BOTH the male and female health is important.  Each of you contribute 50% of your DNA to your growing bub so it makes sense that you equally play a role in the ability to fall pregnant.


It takes almost 4 months for both the egg and sperm to mature and be available to make a baby.  So what this means is that what you were doing 4 months ago affects the quality of the egg and sperm produced today.  The more alcohol, coffee and chemicals you are exposed to the more your egg and sperm health is affected.

One of the greatest gifts you can give your unborn child is to prepare for their conception by getting yourself into the best health possible.


In today's world it is statistically more difficult to conceive than ever before. More and more couples are turning to IVF for the answers when quite often the answer lies in your day to day choices and overall health.  

By choosing to work with a naturopath to understand the most critical changes you need to make and identify the aspects of your health that need naturopathic support will go a long way in helping you to conceive naturally.


Fertility Programs @ Radiance

No matter what your circumstances are, our fertility program can assist you in your journey to parenthood.  We have specialised programs to work with couples and individuals who have: 

  • Never tried to conceive but want to prepare first

  • Having difficulty conceiving

  • Have known fertility issues

  • Unable to fall naturally and want to increase IVF success rate

  • Using a donor egg or sperm and wanting to increase success rate

Our four month program is designed to improve your health and ideally that of your partner, prior to conception with a particular emphasis on supporting egg/sperm maturation and health.  


Our 5 step program will focus on increasing your energy levels, identifying and correcting nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalance and adrenal fatigue as well as improve all semen parameters and uterine/ovarian health.

Book online below through our easy to use online system.  Helping our clients conceive and give birth to a happy healthy baby is one of the greatest joys of being a naturopath.  We hope that we can help you too!

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