Adrenal Function Testing


Nourishing your adrenals could be the key to improving your energy levels

The adrenal glands are a pea sized gland that live on top of your kidneys and are responsible for helping you deal with life and stress.  One of the main hormones they produce is cortisol and as it turns out, your cortisol levels throughout the day are paramount in determining how much energy you have. 


Energy levels and adrenal gland function

Your cortisol levels are meant to be high in the morning so you bounce out of bed and low in the evening so you can easily drift off to sleep.  If this balance is disrupted because you work long hours, pack a lot into your life or are stressed/under pressure then it can affect your energy levels and performance at work.  


Do I have adrenal fatigue?

There are a few levels of adrenal fatigue that can range from complete exhaustion to varying energy levels in the day and evening.  There are 9 signs of adrenal fatigue, some of these include: 

  • Difficulty getting out of bed

  • Poor energy levels throughout the day

  • Variable energy levels through the day

  • Exhaustion

  • Fatigue

  • Apathy and lost mojo

  • Higher energy levels in the evening

  • Rely on carbohydrates, sugar and caffeine for energy

Adrenal Function Testing

If your Radiance practitioner suspects adrenal fatigue then it can be confirmed with adrenal function testing.

This test involves tracking your cortisol production at 4 specific times in the day.  Your cortisol levels are then plotted on a graph and compared to ideal.  Differences compared to ideal will determine your level of adrenal fatigue.  A tailor made program is then designed for you.

Adrenal Quiz

Find out if the symptoms you are experiencing point to adrenal fatigue.  Take our quick quiz and find out!  

Please remember this quiz is not diagnostic!


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