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Experienced Sydney naturopaths, Catherine and Heidi are leaders in the field of naturopathic medicine and considered amongst Sydney's best naturopaths.


For the last 15 years they have been helping tired, run down and exhausted men, women and children improve their energy, digestion and health.

Your journey to increased energy and health begins by uncovering the hidden barriers that are causing your fatigue and health concerns.  


Our initial consultation is designed to identify and address these barriers through the process of a comprehensive health assessment and specialised testing.


Based on our findings you will then receive a personalised program using key dietary changes specific to your unique requirements which will help you to feel better on every level. 

To learn more about our 3 step process that we have used with 1,000's of people just like you to transform their energy and health just click the big green button below


Comprehensive Testing

 Uncover the obstacles to  amazing health

Ready to improve your health? 

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Heidi Cummins


Catherine Pritchard

Founder, Naturopath

Jennifer Richardson

Our Team

Sydney naturopaths 

helping people to radiate with energy, vitality and a renewed passion for life 

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